Friday, September 14, 2012

Dragoncon 2012 - Sunday

(Since so much happened on Sunday (including a mass amount of pictures), I'm going to split writing of the day's events into two parts. Without further adieu, here's Part I!)

(Photograph © Adam Greene) 

Sunday was the beginning of a new day, a new week. So I started the day off fresh, determined to have a different outlook than Saturday and an amazing time at the Con. After arming myself with a cup of earl grey tea, I set out to take Dragoncon by storm with my custom-designed high fashion Loki (which soon became dubbed as "Vogue-ki").

I was reminded just how much of a n00b I am when it comes to makeup when I tried to replicate the green and gold makeup the Urban Decay artist did in this post ----> I did find that while the cheap dollar store eye glitter worked just as well as the expensive ones from Urban Decay, the cheaper eye shadows did not have the saturated potency of the Urban Decay shadows. Thankfully, a friend had some extra greens that I borrowed to try to pump up the volume. I debated whether to go for a dark green lip with a centre gold sheen or not, but I ended up going with a nude lip with a slight bit of gloss. I might try experimenting with that dark green idea again another time.

Photobucket (Photograph © Adam Greene)

Once my ensemble was all together, I headed out into the fray. Upon exiting the hotel room, I headed straight for the food court like a woman on a mission (and truthfully I was ravenously hungry). Along with the meal-oriented mission came a serious strut. There was hardly anyone on the walkway around me, so whoever was sitting at the food court tables got to see the full-effect of my billowing skirt in action. And boy did heads turn. I felt like I was stomping down a runway with a very captive audience. I was glad to run into my seamstress friend, Angelica, who made the Loki gown so she got to see the full effect of the dress, the makeup, the whole shebang. She did such an incredible job (and rather last minute too).

After a round of hugging friends and getting pictures, I booked it over to the Westin hotel for the Whedonverse Costume Contest. Normally, the categories are limited to Buffy, Firefly/Serenity, and Dr. Horrible, but this year The Avengers was added in for obvious reasons. I joined my best friend Tara, her sister Erin, and their friend Rain as the Femme-vengers. A mixture of high fashion, formal, casual, and business, we started the line as Femme Hawkeye, Coulson, Loki, and Captain America respectively.

(Photographs © Steve -

There were quite a number of really good costumes for each category. My friend Adam (from this post ---> won first place for the Dr. Horrible category.

PhotobucketPhotobucket(Photographs ©  Steve -

My group didn't win for our category, but we didn't care. There were too many epic pictures to be had the rest of the day. Though I will mention there was one group that had me doubled over laughing when they walked up to the stand. Can you guess why?

Photobucket(Photograph © Marvelgirl2010 - Flickr)

Adam hadn't been to the Walk of Fame yet and when we discovered it was still open, despite the late hour Sunday, we moseyed on over to the Hilton. Upon entering Adam discovered Felicia Day was there with her Guild-mates and promptly dashed back to the car to grab his Death Ray to be autographed. I decided to rest my feet outside the Walk by the door. I spread my skirt across the floor (y'know, just to be prepared if anyone decided to snap pictures, which they did. One thing working at the Renaissance Festival taught me - if you're in costume, people will take pictures no matter what you're doing - walking, sitting, eating, sleeping. So you might as well figure out how to look good doing it all!). I spotted a Thor walking by and grinned mischievously. "Hello brother."

"Sister? What are you doing here?!" The look on the guy's face was priceless. He was definitely not expecting to see me sitting down there. But to his credit, he didn't skip a beat in his response. So I sought him out later for a picture.


While Adam went to wait in line for Felicia Day, I decided to double back around to talk to the only actress I could actually figure out something to say to besides the same ol', "hi, I'm a big fan of your work!" That actress happened to be Mira Furlan of Babylon 5 fame. There was only one other person in front of me in line so it was a short wait. I walked up and didn't even get a "hi" out before Mira and her assistant both looked at me and sighed, "Oh you are beautiful!" Under all that reptilian-coloured makeup, I definitely blushed. I  smiled, thanked her, and then told her how much her portrayal of Delenn has meant to me. (Although I grew up watching Babylon 5 and always liked Delenn, I didn't fully appreciate her until my friends and I started a B5 marathon last month.) I can't think of another character like Delenn - a strong female character who is deeply spiritual (but is shown as a strength, not a weakness), a leader of her people, but also in a supportive, helping role to the man she loves. I've rarely seen that kind of role model in a character and I wanted to thank her for bringing that to life to give visual people like me a role model to look to (it also makes it alot easier when trying to describe to people the type of woman I want to be to use a well-known character as a reference point). Mira nodded her thanks, but didn't say anything. I think she was just incredibly tired from the day and understandably so.

I rejoined Adam in the food court for a delectable sushi dinner. As per usual with Dragoncon, I saw friends while eating and called them over. It was my Ren Fest Cat and her boyfriend Carter. They were dressed in custom-made Steampunk outfits with a ton of details that Adam and I oggled over.

Photobucket Photobucket

(I'll admit that I'm feeling a bit put off by the oversaturation of the Steampunk scene at the moment, but I'd be lying if I said there's not a couple of Steampunk costumes I really want to do). Come to find out later that Cat and Carter had a bevy of other amazing costumes during the Con. On Friday they were the formal Companion Cube and cake from Portal 2 and another day were dressed as ridiculously awesome medieval Batman and Catwoman.

(Photograph © Elysiam Photography) Photobucket (Photograph © Bill Waters)
Stay tuned for Part II!


  1. This is incredible. I am utterly in awe of the Loki outfit. It's just so right, I love how it is the feel of Loki without just adding curves to his look. I really feel like the power of Loki is all there. Beautiful. Plus that looks like a dress you could wear on a red carpet. Wonderful to have a multi-purpose cosplay outfit.

    Also looks like such a good time!

  2. So I know I just commented, but I've spent ages reading your blog and therefore feel ready to comment again. Can't believe I have missed so many good posts! Your blog is so interesting. Also you have stunning features as well as excellent taste. I love all your shoots and great costume ideas. Win.

  3. Thank you so much! Your comments are just lovely (and you TOTALLY got what I was trying to capture with my Loki costume. That thrills my heart)!

    Oh stop, you're going to make me blush! :)

  4. Hey, great Blog! I was in the costume contest as well, I was the "mech test" tony stark. We talked also at the walk of fame. Your dress was awesome! cant wait till next year!

  5. Hi Manny! Sorry it took me forever to reply, I just now saw that you commented (d'oh!). Your Tony Stark was amazing. I was truly surprised when the judges didn't give you the award for Best-of in the Avengers category.